Spawned by the cold-hearted womb of frozen northern darkness comes I.C.E. - IMPERIAL CRYSTALLINE ENTOMBMENT! Invoking world demise through the ancient power of Råvaskeith's frostbitten left hand. With hateful fury I.C.E covers the earth with there brand new self-titled MCD of blasting painful BlackMetal. A blizzard of speed blasts, foreboding riffs and hellish vocals put I.C.E in the top ranks among the BlackMetal elite. I.C.E secluded themselves in a small shelter in a vast frozen landscape during the great winter of Råvaskeiths' 8th eclipse in order to record this three song promo CD of truly winter inspired blackmetal. This abominable foursome: Mammoth, Blisserred, IceSickKill and Bleak are poised and ready to conquer and entomb this world with the blackhate of frozen snow. In the name of the great Råvaskeith, prepare yourself for the new ICE AGE!

"I.C.E have a great concept going and a cool image to match. Of course, none of that matters without solid songcraft and I.C.E. are mammoths in that department as well. The second generation of blizzard beasts are among us." ­ Into-Obscurity

"Think Immortal gone completely and utterly mad from frostbite and isolation, and you will have some semblance of the pure horror and devastation of this insane record." - Sleazegrinder

"I.C.E. have now seized the throne once held by Emperor as the world’s preeminent black metal band." - The Gauntlet

"For those that are of the opinion that this band sounds like Immortal, let me clue you in. Immortal cannot touch I.C.E. Period." - The Gauntlet

"IMPERIAL CRYSTALLINE ENTOMBMENT have taken the torch from now defunct Immortal and ran with it" - Axeman

"these guys have crafted a potential all-time black metal masterpiece...Apocalytic End In White contains some of the sickest, hashest black metal ever committed to tape." - House Of Smut

"Beyond just a great black metal album, Apocalyptic End In White is one of the best efforts all of extreme metal has seen in a long time." - House Of Smut

"this CD is solid gold, well, solid ICE. It is perfect, unflawed, and evil. If you don't own it, you're missing what I consider THE greatest black metal album to surface in the new millennium, and one of what I consider one of the 5 best black metal albums of all time." - Rev. Spynal of Metalwhore

"Imperial Crystalline Entombment has easily created one of the greatest black metal offerings of all time" - Rev. Spynal of Metalwhore

"Think Immortal on methamphetamines"
"ICE have shown that they can stand at the top of the same snow covered, ice-capped mountain as some of the world's most elite and well-respected black metal acts" - Into-Obscurity

"One of the best hyper blasting, snow-covered independent black metal releases to surface from the grim black tip of the iceberg! Highly recommended!" ­ RELAPSE RECORDS

"The music is sick black metal delivered icily cold. And while their persona is bleak and barren, the music itself is full of life, a cold, hating type of life, but life nevertheless. The music really slays, and is one of the better self-produced black metal releases I’ve ever heard" ­ Metal Judgement

"I.C.E. are, hands down, one of the sickest Black Metal bands around today! With only three tracks (recorded), they have rejuvenated the Black Metal scene / sound with their versatility and outstanding musicianship! Their next effort will surely land them in the halls of Valhalla with Satyricon and Dark Throne!" - Eclipse Magazine / Digital Metal

"A very tight band with much talent and much potential for something good in the future. My opinion is that they are better than many bands already signed and their black metal has a character and an attitude you find only in great bands." ­ Tombstone Magazine

"This is some of the harhsest black metal Ive heard since marduks panzer division, Be ready for darkthrone tone speed riffing with marduks's straightforward war raging attack." ­ Metal maniacs

"With only 3 songs on a cd under 12 minutes long ICE have instantly proved themselves nastier than the worst winter storm and as threatening as a shipwreaking iceberg. Once the snow begins to fall all hope is lost, some seriosly frostbitten black metal." ­ Brave Words