Current News
There is now an Imperical Crystalline Entombment forum courtesy of Visit the I.C.E. Forum.

Past News
Imperial Crystalline Entombment and Crash Music have parted ways. Management is currently in search of a label that will help to fulfill the needs and goals of the band as help spread the gospel of Råvaskeith further!
Any interested labels can contact I.C.E. management at:
3432 Rockefeller Ct Waldorf MD 20602 U.S.A.
or at

Apocalyptic End In White is released on October 19th 2004!

The Crash Music debut entitled: Apocalyptic End In White is currently slated for an October 19th release!

I.C.E. reveal the track listing and cover art for their debut Crash Music release entitled: Apocalyptic End In White!
Visit the merchandise section for details.

The CD is finished and currently slated for an early Fall release. Prepare for the Apocalyptic End In White!

The new full length CD is nearly complete with the tracks all completed the mixing will begin shortly and as member Blisserred has informed me "The great Råvaskeith is pleased with these new chants of gelid war cries!" Enough said!

I.C.E. have entered the studio to complete their Crash Music debut full length. No title is available yet but keep your eye out, word has it that it's even faster than the MCD!

I.C.E. have chosen a label to carry the hymns of Råvaskeith across the lands. Crash Music Inc. is the chosen company and the band prepare to enter the studio to record the follow up to their three song MCD.

I.C.E. and management are currently shopping for a label to help spread the word of the great Råvaskeith across the world. According to management the band are eager to play and unleash carnage live as well as complete and release their full length CD. All interested parties please contact I.C.E. management at:

3432 Rockefeller Ct Waldorf MD 20602 U.S.A. or via email

I.C.E. - IMPERIAL CRYSTALLINE ENTOMBMENT three SONG MCD OF BLASTING WINTER BLACKMETAL OUT NOW! A blizzard of speed blasts, foreboding riffs and hellish vocals put I.C.E in the top ranks among the BlackMetal elite.

In the name of the great Råvaskeith, prepare yourself for the new ICE AGE!